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Divorce Education Seminar, Kids in the Middle 

Part A

A three and one-quarter hour class regarding how to parent effectively during and after divorce or separation. Subjects focus on, as part of how to co-parent, during this challenging time are:

●  The children’s and parents response to divorce or separation
●  The many ways children are put in the middle
●  The dangers of parent alienation
●  Do parents focus on winning or beating the other parent in an “I win – you lose” contest running the risks  of causing their children serious emotional problems or do parents do what is best for their children in an “I win – you win – everyone wins” outcome.
●  Positive and healthy co-parenting strategies and approaches.

Part B 
Part A or an equivalent is a prerequisite for this course.

This is a three meeting course preferably for both parents together, usually three and one-quarter hours each class, with a strong emphasis on co-parent skill building. The course provides training in empathy, communication, anger management, negotiation, and problem solving skills to develop effective and cooperative co-parenting for both parents during and after divorce or separation. Influencing each other in non-manipulative respectful ways to work cooperatively together and empowering oneself and others with reasonable choices are taught. How to make agreements and put them in writing is part of the course.

​The instructor or instructors are licensed mental health professionals.  Participants are instructed in a structured step-by-step way to practice and develop co-parenting skills to conduct child-centered business with each other in a cooperative “I win – you win” way. This class is educational..

Both parents are requested to attend together to learn and practice with each other how to co-parent effectively together. The exception usually is when one parent does not commit to taking this class. 

Stepparents, significant others and grandparents usually do not attend Part A and B with the birth or adoptive parents, but may enroll in the training after the birth or adoptive complete the training. 

This class usually occurs on a week night for 3 1/4 hours, one week apart. 

The cost of the co-parenting training is $395.00 per person and $25.00 for materials.

The co-parenting training is also available for divorcing, divorced, separating or separate co-parents with the co-parents or co-parent meeting alone with the instructor as an alternative to a classroom setting, if the need arises.  Stepparents, significant others and grandparents can also meet solely with the instructor for co-parenting training.  The costs are reasonable for this co-parenting instruction.

Part C

Counseling and Psychotherapy (individual, joint and family) for children, parents, stepparents, significant others and grandparents in dealing with divorce, separation, blended families, individual emotional issues, personal crisis, communication problems, unresolved conflicts, anger management problems, parent alienation, parent-child reunification, parent-parent issues, and parent- child issues is available.  The cost will be reasonable.

Part D

Divorce Education for Children.
An educational program assisting children understand what they and their parents have been experiencing emotionally due to divorce or separation, and to assist children to survive and grow from the problems that arise from divorce or separation.  The cost will be reasonable.

Confidentiality and other issues will be discussed.