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Family Solutions is a private organization dedicated to offering innovative, solution-focused services for parents of divorce and separation or who have not been married.

When the term divorced is used alone it means any parents, whether ever married or not, who are not now living together, or are moving in the direction of living apart.

The information provided here is taken from The Solutions for Families Program in San Bernardino, California with modifications in this program. .

Our program specializes in a non-adversarial way to assist divorcing, divorced, separating or separate parents to co-parent effectively in the best interests of their children and to assist parents and children to get through the divorce or separating process in the least stressful and growth producing way. The majority of parents who attend Part A and B are ordered by the court or have agreed to do so.

We are located at 27001 La Paz Road, Suite 254, Mission Viejo, CA  92691 and at 14351 Red Hill Avenue, Suite C, Tustin, CA  92780.  Our telephone number is (714) 939-7770 or (949) 462-0102.

  • Divorce Education Training
  • Co-parenting Training
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Divorce Education for Children
  • Consultation
  • Hands on Training in Skill Based Co-parenting